Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I've found that I have a tendency to compartmentalize my life. Vacation and Relaxation have needed to be planned for their own time, be it a weekend or an out of town trip. Adventure falls into the same category. Rarely do Relaxation and Adventure occur within my daily routine. A pair of cycle-touring bloggers has inspired me to change that.

In a CBC radio interview, The Traveling Two describe staying with a family while touring the middle east who decided to take them on a picnic...for breakfast...in the middle of winter. The couple describe being surprised, then delighted by the concept. I decided to do something similar.

Last night I packed up the dinner I made for my husband and myself and suggested we walk down to the beach to eat. The dinner wasn't anything special. We ate what we normally would, we just changed up the location. The 28 block walk to the beach and back gave us a chance to wind down for the evening and actually chat with each other, rather than retreating to our separate computers until sleep-time. Sitting on the beach at sunset watching the tourists take pictures of each other made us appreciate our town, which we often take for granted. The whole thing was relaxing, spontaneous, adventurous even!

It really showed me how easy it is to get stuck in a routine and how easy it is to take each other and our surroundings for granted. The whole thing cost nothing and really made the evening special. I hope to do it again soon.

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